Why Democracy Is a Terrible System


Facing the Realities

We need to acknowledge that democracy is a terrible system. In the US, this should not be a problem, since the US was not founded as a democracy: it was conceived as a federation of independent nation states. The original US Constitution specified Electors who voted for the US President. It was not a popular democracy.

So What Do We Do?

To solve the problem, we must ask ourselves, what are the requirements of a system that chooses the best leaders?

  1. The person chosen must be thoughtful and knowledgeable.
  2. The person must be an effective leader. Not an effective salesperson necessarily, but an effective leader in action, who is able to bring diverse interests together, and drive toward a common solution that is smart and satisfactory to all.
  3. The person chosen must have an incentive to be fair to all, rather than motivated to pursue self interest, or the interests of only special groups.



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