Cliff Berg
2 min readNov 15, 2020


This is a really imbalanced piece. Lots of good information, but some big distortions, and the conclusions are incorrect.

One big flaw at the outset is equating democracy with fairness. Democracy is not inherently fair. A group of people can vote to suppress a minority - but that is democratic, because the people voted.

The injustices listed by the author are valid. But democracies do not inherently address those. The US is not a democracy, and was specifically not created as one for a reason. The European Union is not a democracy: it is a federation of independent nations.

Claiming that the Democratic party is the fountain of all good ideas is horribly distorted. I am no fan of the Republican party. Ronald Reagan played a large role in winning the cold war for the US - he was a Republican. Doesn't that count? And in many periods of prosperity there was a Democratic Congress but a Republican president, or vice versa. Also, prosperity is a lagging indicactor - it is often the group that had power in the years before that is responsible for today's prosperity.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are horrible. Both parties are split between moderate and extremist factions.

On both sides, it is the extremists who are the true enemy. Extremists care more about pushing their idea than on the actual outcome.

Extremists among Democrats want socialistic policies at all cost. They are like the Soviets who wanted everyone to be equal, whether they liked it or not, and were willing to slaughter millions to make it so.

Extremists among Republicans want law-and-order and the supression of dissent, free enterprise, free access to weapons of all kinds, and traditional family values at all costs. They care more about those values than they care about everyone else's well being.

Most Americans are not extremist. Most are swept up into the turmoil, but do not want to be. Most want harmony. But the extremists keep creating conflict. And our news has splintered so that neither side ever hears an accurate description what concerns the other side.

The extremists are the enemy - on both sides.



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