Scrum Was Unethical From the Start

How Agile 2 Is Different

  • Agile 2 was created by an intentionally diverse group that was recruited based on their breadth of skills, experience, and demonstrated independent thought. (Read more about this here.)
  • We are not offering a certification mill based on a process framework. In fact, the training offered by Agile 2 Academy does not explicitly cover Agile 2: rather, it covers the foundational knowledge and skills needed to use the Agile 2 principles — things like leadership theory, organizational culture theory, behavioral psychology, cognitive science, and operations research. Of course it does not cover all aspects of these topics, but focuses on the elements that impact agility.These are general purpose professional life skills.
  • Constructive Agility is a learning journey for attaining agility. It consists of a progressive process in which one defines one’s own work processes, learning along the way, defining and evolving strategies for culture, value, product, development, and all the other factors that might constrain success for one’s particular initiative.
  • Agile 2 explicitly states that it is open: that one should not simply memorize it, but instead treat it as a set of ideas, and continue to read about all adjacent topics, including leadership, behavior, and psychology.
  • We have published an actual model for agility. You can find it here. And our model explicitly includes organizational culture.
  • We realized from the start that scaling agility is not about workflow process: it is about behavior; and our ideas are built around that.



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