Old Versus New Agile

  • Every team can and should self organize.
  • Teams can and should be fully autonomous.
  • Before Agile there was only waterfall.
  • Programming is a mostly social activity, and is analogous to sports.
  • Agile coaches do not need to take an interest in the technical aspects of how the work is done, such as DevOps issues.
  • Facilitators do not need to understand the subject being discussed.
  • Good leadership usually emerges.
  • The team usually knows best.
  • The human side of Agile is where the focus should be: the team will take care of the technical side in the course of their work if you merely empower them.
  • A team needs a methodology or framework.
  • The problems that need solving are mostly at the team level.
  • Scrum and Kanban are the only choices.
  • Popular Agile practices such as face-to-face communication, a team room, standups, TDD, and pair programming are best for everyone and all teams.

The “New Agile” Ideas




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