Hi Ms. Bray,

Just because some madmen also said the media is lying, does not mean that it is not.

The media tends to be highly opinionated, on both sides.

We should not trust the media.

As for Hillary, indeed there was no provable crime in this instance, there was massive idiocy. And even though the Democratic party has the right to force a choice down the throats of their constituents, it shouldn’t.

I don’t like Trump either — he is a buffoon and simpleton — but one of his very few credits is that he says what he thinks, no matter how dumb it is. That is in sharp contrast to Hillary, and that is what made her a poison pill to non-partisan voters who were willing to consider either candidate, and why Trump won. Again, making the point of Mr. Wismayer, that extremist elements, like those setting the agenda for Democrats, will never pick someone who is willing to compromise — after their loss they decided that their future strategy would be to “shift left” — even more left. So now we have a divided country, with Republicans being extremists on the right, and Democrats being extremists — aka “Progressives”, nice term — on the left. That division is what Mr. Wismayer is pointing to, and he is right: it is the major problem that we have today, because it gridlocks our governments.

Author and IT consultant — LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cliffberg/

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